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Hey Guys! Fitriani from Malaysia is in the Blog! Malaysia is an awesome country and got a beautiful Island Called Labuan at Sabah.Well, make it as a point, I'm staying at Labuan. Hihihhhi. About me? Well,Yeah friendly,Kalau tak asal aku buad blog kan?Hahahah. Speak Malay,English,Arabic,Korean and France <Macam perasan aku kan? Hahahaha ;> Fine, I'm 12.And Guess what? I got 5 A's = Straight A's on my UPSR exam. Yeay too me. Boring much? Get away your eyes to my blog. (Y) Peace!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

New Bies?!! ;3

Hey-hey-hey !

                Freshie-freshie-freshie =,=

    Kindaaaaaaaa,  Excited now !! ;DD

 over pulak dah~ =,=

                 Rasa susah pulak buad blog nee.Takpe-takpe,usaha tangga kejayaan.Hihihihihihi. xD

Hehh! Patah tulang kangg,susah nee.Hahahha xD

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