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Hey Guys! Fitriani from Malaysia is in the Blog! Malaysia is an awesome country and got a beautiful Island Called Labuan at Sabah.Well, make it as a point, I'm staying at Labuan. Hihihhhi. About me? Well,Yeah friendly,Kalau tak asal aku buad blog kan?Hahahah. Speak Malay,English,Arabic,Korean and France <Macam perasan aku kan? Hahahaha ;> Fine, I'm 12.And Guess what? I got 5 A's = Straight A's on my UPSR exam. Yeay too me. Boring much? Get away your eyes to my blog. (Y) Peace!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Reason why,what,seriously??!

Assalamualaikum,Peace be upon to you :D

    This is my Fifth time I re-do my Blog. I know Blogger since I was 7 Years old.Lamee kan?Hohohohoho. *Change language to Malay xD  

    Sekarang,Baru buad betul-betul. Lagipun Tahun baru kan? Btw, to all Muslim and Muslimen, Salam Maal Hijrah :D

Sampai kat sini jer coretan buad kali nee. XOXO

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